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🤖 aws_ci_bot is a fully serverless, scalable, customizable, flexible solution that allows you to set up a production ready CI build pipeline for as many git repositories on as many AWS Accounts.

  • Serverless: this solution is fully serverless, meaning there is no need to set up any servers. It can be deployed in just a few minutes.

  • Scalable: you can deploy our solution to multiple AWS regions and accounts, and it can support large number of Git repositories and CI build projects.

  • Customizable: you can add your own Python script, giving you the flexibility to implement complex CI build strategies tailored to your specific needs.

  • Flexible: you can apply different CI build strategies to different Git repositories or groups of repositories, providing you with the flexibility to optimize your CI pipeline.

It may take 30 minutes for the first time deployment. And then, it usually takes 5 minutes for adding new projects, or deploying to new AWS Regions or new AWS Accounts.


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Sanhe Hu is a very active Python Developer Since 2010. Research area includes Machine Learning, Big Data Infrastructure, Block Chain, Business Intelligent, AWS, Distributive System. Love photography, outdoor, arts, game, and also the best Python.

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